About Us

The Alaska Basketball Power Camp is one of the pioneer vehicles of the Alaska Sports Programs to provide good nutrition and inspire the youth to get into outdoor play. It is a summer training camp conducted in centralized locations across regions in the Philippines. The program consists of two modules and is open to boys and girls ages 6 to 18 years old.

The Basketball Power Camps are facilitated by Alaska Coaches headed by Alaska Powercamps Director, Jeffrey Cariaso, one of PBA’s 25 Greatest Players.



General Basketball Program
Ball Handling Balance & Coordination Offense Defense Team Play Others
  • dribbling
  • passing
  • catching/ receiving
  • stopping and going
  • jumping and lateral movement
  • shooting form
  • pivots
  • getting to the basket
  • athletic stance
  • slides and recovery
  • cutting angles
  • setting screens
  • reading defenses
  • running set plays
  • hustle
  • communication
  • “coachability”
  • mistake response

    Module 1: ADVANTAGE – Personal Responsibility

  • learn to plan your own workout
  • learn how to practice efficiently
  • get off shots against taller players
  • learn how to stay under control
  • become a better decision maker
  • make coaches love you
  • be a two-way player
  • be a defensive pest
  • and much more.

    Module 2: PERFORMANCE – Leadership

  • be a better one on one player
  • create a better practice environment
  • make coaches job easier
  • be a dependable ball handler
  • learn to break away from traps
  • limit turn overs
  • get to the free throw line more often
  • be a coach on the floor
  • become a better teammate
  • and much more.

  • The Alaska Basketball Power Camp runs every summer vacation, attracting boys and girls to the country's most popular sport.