Advocating Philippine Football Development through the Youth


It is without a doubt that football is the most popular sport in the world and it appears to be steadily rising as one of the major sports in the Philippines. Largely contributing to this sport’s growth and development is Alaska Milk, an unyielding advocate of football in the country.

Football fanatics

Throughout the years, Alaska Milk has taken its role in propelling and strengthening football in the country very seriously. The inauguration of the Alaska Football Cup, a yearly tournament for football aficionados from ages 4 to19, has greatly increased public awareness about the sport. As part of the Alaska Power Camp, the Alaska Football Cup has greatly cultivated camaraderie and sportsmanship between budding star players from different schools across the country. Now on its 13th year, the tournament has aided Alaska Milk in its quest to elevate the status of Philippine football and to ultimately propel young Filipino players to compete in the global arena.

Scoring the goal to success

Alaska Milk’s steadfast support in propelling football into the daily consciousness of Filipinos, especially amongst the youth, stems from the importance that sports have in their development. When children play sports at an early age, key values such as discipline, hard work, teamwork and determination become rooted into their everyday life. These fundamental values not only aid them in developing character; ultimately, these are qualities that are very essential in order to gain success in the future. Undoubtedly, child development is truly maximized when he or she is engaged in sports.

Strengthen bones during the growth gap years

news-111008To achieve outstanding performance in any sport, having strong bones are highly essential. Alaska Powdered Filled Milk can help ensure the strong bones of children during the growth gap years (from ages 4-12). By drinking Alaska Powdered Filled Milk, with Lakas Nutribuilder to help develop and strengthen bones everyday, a child is better equipped to shine in his or her endeavor.

Sara Castaneda: Alaska and the Country’s Pride

One such Alaska drinker who excels in both football and basketball is Sara Castaneda, who, at only 11, has already been named the Most Valuable Player in the country’s most prestigious soccer competitions. She has bagged that citation not only once, but for four times. In fact, she has been a delegate in numerous international youth soccer competitions, playing against the most talented players from her generation. She has played in Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy, representing the country as well as Alaska Milk.

Teach your children the importance of sports through the 13th Alaska Football Cup, happening from November 15 – 16, 2008 at the Alabang Football Fields, in Alabang Country Club. Bring them to witness it all!

For more details, visit or call CK Kanapi at 8404500.

  • Alaska believes that sports play an important role in instilling the value of determination, discipline, hard work, team work and sportsmanship among the youth. These fundamental values develop character and are necessary attributes for success as much as good health and proper nutrition.